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MASSIMO BARBERI practices yoga since 1991, he has worked as a professional yoga teacher for 19 years (in Italy and in Norway). He has studied the Indian philosophies and the Yoga traditions both academically (at the University of religious studies in Trento), and practically, learning the traditional Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Tantra Yoga under the teaching of Indian swamis (traditional yoga monks) and participating to the Yoga Educators trainings of the institute AMAYE in Sweden and Germany (more than 500 hours). Lately Massimo has collaborated also with the international Integral Yoga school Samadhi (Florence). In 2011 he became also a certified Ayurveda therapist (Ayurveda is the medical side of the Yoga tradition) with the European Institute of Ayurveda (London).

He is the author of the book Inside Yoga, and the creator of the virtual-yoga community,

Massimo’s Body & Mind-Food blog is here:

Thanks to all of you participating and supporting my yoga online initiative in this Coronavirus time! 
I will give some yoga classes also in the coming weeks: Wednesday, Saturday (11.30, Oslo time) and Sunday (12.30), focusing also this time on asanas to boost the immune system, but also good exercises of balance, pranayama and concentration, to make the mind strong and to develop endurance.

You can support the initiative Vippsing something around 99 NOK (you choose) at 94244247 if you are in Norway.
If you are living somewhere else perhaps you can support these online classes purchasing my book here, if you feel like:

Or maybe downloading my music for relaxation here:

Or just send me some good vibrations in case you are in a bad economical situation due to the Coronavirus crisis 🙂

Here the Zoom link for joining the online yoga session (just click on it and follow the instructions that will appear automatically:

By the way, you can find me online also on the great platform YogaFarm, here:

And if you need any yoga tip in these days of lockdown, or if you are living isolated and you simply feel the need of having a chat with someone, feel free to drop me a line 😉

Stay safe and in good health 🙏 See you online!


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Massimo Yoga Meditation

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