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Join us in this very special vacation where we will not only practice yoga daily twice at day but we also explore some fascinating and mystic ancient sites in Italy. 

During the history Italy has always been a melting pot of cultures and traditions, some of them coming from the ancient Greeks and Romans, others coming from the Celtic tribes that used to live in the north of the country, others again belonging to the gnostic/esoteric knowledge of the early Christians.

All this ancient philosophical-spiritual knowledge is still there hidden in the architecture of some churches, in the statues, in the monuments.

In this vacation we will spend one day in Venice visiting the most fascinating and mysterious sides of the town (the Magdalen Church with its templar symbols, the Cathedral of San Marco, the ancient Jews ghetto with its cabalistic atmosphere), then we will go to a beautiful yoga-retreat center in Pescantina, between Verona and the Lake Garda, where we will stay 2 days recharging body and mind with sessions of yoga and meditation twice at day, and with organic, vegetarian meals prepared according to the ayurvedic tradition. After that we will go to Brixen, in the northern part of Italy, where we will spend 2 days visiting another fascinating medieval cathedral, full of interesting symbols somehow similar to those of the ancient yoga tradition. And we will finish our vacation with some relaxing time in one of the most beautiful spa in Europe, the Acquarena, with its saunas, swimming-pools, tepidarium and turkish baths.

4-9 June 2018 or 14-19 July

The program will start the 4th of June (or the 14th of July) in Venezia Mestre where we will meet by our hotel, and then we will go to eat in a fantastic vegetarian restaurant in the center of Venice. During the rest of the day we will enjoy the charm of Venice, visiting its most esoteric, spiritual side, and doing  meditation in some beautiful church.

The day after we will go to Villa Tirtha in Pescantina where we will spend 2 days practicing yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and relaxing under the sun in the beautiful park of the villa.

The 7th (or the 17th of July) we will go to Brixen, where we will spend our first day there visiting the beautiful medieval center of the town and its cathedral. The following day, after a night of rest in our peaceful hotel on one of the hills around the town, we will go to the spa Acquarena where we will relax with saunas and various treatments the whole day.

The 9th (or the 19th of July) we will go back to the airport.

Price: 8400 norwegian kr/880 euro( (inclusive of half board accommodations in Venice, Villa Tirtha and Brixen, yoga classes, transportation from and to the airport of Venice, transportation to and from Villa Tirtha, transportation to and from Brixen, guided tours in various locations, entrance to spa Acquarena).

Not included: flight ticket and entrance to the sauna area of Acquarena (which costs 15 euro/person, and is optional).

If you want to book a private yoga session with Massimo during the vacation or an ayurveda consultation/massage the price is 500 kr/hour.

Please have a look to the pictures down here to get a feeling of the beautiful places we are going to visit, and read the article of Massimo about the inclusive, universal spirituality the we can find in ancient symbols and in the ancient yoga philosophy:,en/




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