Ayurveda training


Be part of the Next Evolution in Yoga Teaching and Therapy.


This training is for teachers and students of yoga; massage therapists; holistic practitioners; herbalists, and all those interested in alternative approaches to health and healing.

Expand your knowledge of yoga’s ancient health care system
Masseurs and spa therapists, learn the ayurvedic technics to give relaxing and restorative massages
Holistic Practitioners, offer your students or clients a new approach to health and wellbeing by integrating yoga and Ayurveda into your work
Students and teachers of yoga, learn a new approach to yoga therapy by integrating yogic and Ayurvedic practices into your study and teachings of yoga

Ayurveda – A Natural Health Care and Lifestyle Choice for Yoga Practitioners
Ayurveda is the oldest and perhaps most holistic health system of natural medicine in the world. As a “sister science” of Yoga, Ayurveda contains virtually every modality in natural medicine and is a perfect complement to a yoga practitioner healthy lifestyle




Ramesh Bjonnes

ramesh b ayurveda 2He is the co-founder and Director of the Prama Wellness Centre, a retreat center specializing in yoga detox by incorporating juice fasting, Ayurveda, and yoga in the spirit that a balanced lifestyle is our best medicine. Ramesh is also a writer, yogi and workshop leader. He lived in India and Nepal for several years in the 1980s learning directly from the traditional teachers of yoga. He studied yoga therapy in India, Ayurveda at California College of Ayurveda and yoga detox therapy in the Philippines. He has taught workshops in many countres and is the author of four books, including Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit (InnerWorld) and Tantra: The Yoga of Love and Awakening (Hay House India). Ramesh lives and practices in an eco-village in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Website: http://www.prama.org


Massimo Barberi

20150408_194200Massimo practices yoga since 1991, he has worked as a professional yoga teacher for 17 years (in Italy and in Norway). He has studied the Indian philosophies and the Yoga traditions both academically (at the University of religious studies in Trento), and practically, learning the traditional Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Tantra Yoga under the teaching of Indian swamis (traditional yoga monks) and participating to the Yoga Educators trainings of the institute AMAYE in Sweden and Germany (more than 500 hours). He is also a certified Ayurveda therapist with the European Institute of Ayurveda (London).


Sauli Siekkinen
shantatma 2Sauli Siekkinen, M.D. and Classical Homeopath, graduated from Tampere University in 1997 as an MD, started to work as G.P. then finished six years specialization in family medicine (or general practice) in 2005. He has studied classical homeopathy since 1992, Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1997 and Antroposophic Medicine since 1999. He incorporates these modalities in his practice, giving holistic treatments to his patients. Since 2003 his private practice is with Sofianova in Helsinki, Finland.





The history of Ayurveda (2 hours), with Ramesh Bjonnes

Learn the historical and philosophical relationship between Ayurveda, Yoga, Veda, and Tantra.

Ayurvedic principles and philosophy (5 hours), with Ramesh Bjonnes

Learn how to determine someone’s basic body type (Prakruti) and imbalances (Vikruti). Learn the basics of the three body types (doshas)–Vata, Pita, Kapha–and the causes of their imbalances and disorders. Introduction to Sattva, Raja, Tama, the 3 energies of nature. Learn how to cultivate the right energy and how to use it in ayurvedic therapies.

Dosha diagnostics (6 hours, theory and practice), with Ramesh Bjonnes and Massimo Barberi

Learn how to diagnose the doshas (through pulse, eyes, tongue, body diagnosis) and how to balance body and mind with diet, yoga and massage.

Yoga Therapy (9 hours, theory and practice) with Massimo Barberi and Sauli Siekkinen

Learn yoga exercises to balance the doshas and to help reverse various common conditions (obesity, hypertension, insomnia, digestive problems, menstrual cramps, lower backache, headache, depression)

Massage Therapy (9 hours, theory and practice) with Massimo Barberi

How to use various massage techniques and different oils for different conditions and for different doshas (Abhyanga, Sirodhara, etc)

Yoga diet and lifestyle (9 hours, theory and practice) with Ramesh Bjonnes

How to balance your mind and body (the doshas) with a personalized diet. How to cook with ayurvedic herbs for better digestion and immunity; how to use raw juices for detox and rejuvenation; how to cook with sattvik foods.

Meditation principles (5 hours, theory and practice) with Massimo Barberi and Ramesh Bjonnes

— 45 hours in total —


10.900 nok, includes teachings, reading material and Ayurvedic oils for the practice

(or 6.500 nok distant-learning through Skype)


29-31/07, 5-7/08, 13-14/08


For those interested in additional, integrative trainings, we offer the following programs:



15 hours practical training in massage, ayurvedic consultations, and ayurvedic herbs
5 days accommodation (4 nights)
2 meals/day for 5 days
9.000 Nkr


15 hours practical training in Ayurvedic diet, yoga and meditation
5 days accommodation
2 meals/juice/day for 5 days
10.500 Nkr


(Shirodhara picture in the graphic above by Therme Loipersdorf)



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