Yoga Vacations

An opportunity to relax traveling in beautiful places around the world and traveling inside as well, practicing yoga with great Yoga teachers, and recharging mind and body with healthy organic food prepared following the wisdom of ayurveda.

The perfect vacation ever… 

meditation mexico

Everest Travels in collaboration with Massimo Barberi organizes during the whole year yoga vacations in the most beautiful places in the world. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma,  and all the regions from where the yoga tradition comes, but also other beautiful countries in Asia rich in history and in fascinating spiritual traditions  like Thailand and Bali.

And we organize as well yoga vacations in the most charming places in Europe. From the regions of central Italy, rich in art, archeology, and fantastic culinary traditions, to the areas of the beautiful Garda Lake in Northern Italy. And from the Canary Islands to the beautiful regions nearby Lisbon in Portugal.

We organize yoga travels for singles, for families or for groups.

Are you in the need of taking a break from the stressful rhythm of the everyday life and you want to spend some days relaxing and recharging with yoga practices, healthy food and ayurveda treatments? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here for you 🙂

Everest Travel is a travel agency with many years of experience and it is registered in the RGF (Norwegian Reisegaratifondet), so to book a vacation with us it means to book something safe and professional. Info and booking: or 

yoga on the beach 2

yoga egypt 2


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