Ayurvedic consultation and massage

Ayurveda is the therapeutic side of the Yoga tradition. In this ancient system which has more than 3000 years there is a deep knowledge of the healing effects given by plants and herbs.

Massimo has studied ayurveda for many years and has received a certification in practical Ayurveda by the European Institute of Ayurveda, London.

He is specialized in traditional Abhyanga massage with therapeutic herbal oils, a very relaxing treatment, beneficial in case of tensions in the muscles, problems of poor blood circulation, fatigue, and very beneficial also in case of mental stress.

The Ayurvedic massages, in the same way as the yoga practices, work on both mind and body, not only helping the muscles to relax, but helping also the mind to become more calm and harmonic.

You can book an ayurveda consultation and massage sending an email here: massimo.barberi@gmail.com

Initial Consultation

Your journey in Ayurveda begins with an initial consultation where the root cause of your ill health/ imbalances will be found out. Initial consultation involves detailed questionnaires, physical examination, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc. It provides you clarity with what is happening in your body and how you can improve your health naturally. After understanding your body type, the imbalance of doshas will be addressed.

After that, during an a consultation you will receive a plan with recommended lifestyle guidelines including diet, exercises, yoga positions, home remedies and self massage techniques.


Consultation, 40 min. 500 kr

60 min. massage 890 kr,

30 min. massage 590 kr)

(Shirodhara picture in the graphic above by Therme Loipersdorf)

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