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MASSIMO BARBERI practices yoga since 1991, he has worked as a professional yoga teacher for 19 years (in Italy and in Norway). He has studied the Indian philosophies and the Yoga traditions both academically (at the University of religious studies in Trento), and practically, learning the traditional Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Tantra Yoga under the teaching of Indian swamis (traditional yoga monks) and participating to the Yoga Educators trainings of the institute AMAYE in Sweden and Germany (more than 500 hours). Lately Massimo has collaborated also with the international Integral Yoga school Samadhi (Florence). In 2011 he became also a certified Ayurveda therapist (Ayurveda is the medical side of the Yoga tradition) with the European Institute of Ayurveda (London).

He is the author of the book Inside Yoga, and the creator of the virtual-yoga community,

Massimo’s CD’s for Yoga and Relaxation are downloadable here: Samadhi CD and here: Oneiric Eyes CD. Massimo’s Body & Mind-Food blog is here:

WORSKHOP with Massimo at the Oslo Yoga FestivaI: 27 January.

Join the NEW YOGA CLASSES with Massimo in one of the following studios in 2018:

Friyoga Studio i Sæter, Nordstrand: Wednesday and Thursday at 17.45, Saturday at 9.30 

iYoga (Kolbotn/Sofiemyr): Monday at 17.45

Skype on-line Yoga (Thursday and Friday morning, 400 kr/hour, or FREE DONATION for my Facebook friends). or

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Massimo Yoga Meditation

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